Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pedro Looking to Comeback?

ESPN Deportes Enrique Rojas tweets that Pedro Martinez was training at Licey Tigers facilities in San Domingo, and has some news:
""I'm looking for motivation to come back."
After sitting out the entire 2010, Pedro is looking to make yet another comeback.  I am a huge Red Sox fan, and I will forever love Pedro Martinez.  What he accomplished between 1997-2003 (and especially 1999 and 2000) was quite possibly the single greatest run by any pitcher in history.  If you haven't looked at his Baseball Reference page recently, do it now.  That said, Pedro has not been an effective pitcher since May 2006 when his ailing shoulder finally started to come apart at the seams.  If he was to be successful in making his comeback, he would enter the 2011 season as a 39 year old pitcher.  I have to wonder how much he has left, if anything.  When he last pitched in 2009 for the Phillies, his average fastball velocity was 88.5 MPH, and he was forced to rely on movement and pinpoint control.  When he wasn't able to locate, he struggled.

If I was Pedro, I'd hang up the spikes.  There's nothing sadder than a watching a once great player continue to play after he's lost it.  I'd rather remember him as the great player he was, not the player who struggled late in his career.

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