Thursday, December 16, 2010

There's a New Evil Empire in Town

Red Sox stat geek makes it rain
 This is going to be really short post because this tweet by Buster Olney says it all:
Heard this from two sources: With the Jenks signing, BoSox payroll is actually higher than NYY. But the Yankees still have moves to come.
To which I replied: my fellow RS fans can STFU about the Yankees "buying championships"
Look guys, it's time for Red Sox fans to stop pretending that we aren't just as "evil" as the Yankees.  We have become exactly what we've always hated, and that's ok.  It actually fits our personality as a fan base.  We need to stop whining about the Yankees "buying championships," and embrace our new identity.  There's a new Evil Empire in town.


  1. Good point. In any case the whole "buying championship" arguement doesn't really hold up. The Yankees didn't win any titles between 2001 and 2009. "Buying playoff appearances" on the other hand I can agree with.

  2. But even "buying playoff appearances" doesn't work. If it did, then the Cubs and Mets would make the playoffs a lot more often. The additional payroll helps, but it doesn't guarantee anything. It's how the money is spent, not the amount that really counts.