Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rangers in on Beltre?

With all of the talk about Derek Jeter, Carl Crawford, Cliff Lee, Adrian Gonzalez, and Jayson Werth, Adrian Beltre has gotten lost in the shuffle.  Well, now that the Lee negotiations appear close to wrapping up, Beltre seems to be re-entering the spotlight. 

Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports reports that the Rangers are looking at making a late run for Beltre.  While there's speculation that the Rangers interest is primarily to drive up the price on the Angels, there's been a lot of buzz about the Rangers feverishly trying to trade incumbent third baseman, Michael Young, to the Rockies.  Young is not only due $48M over the next three seasons (his age 34, 35, and 36 seasons), but also will become a 10/5 player early in 2011.*  If the Rangers are going to move Young, they'll need to move him now.  So far, their prospects form trading him aren't looking good.  Multiple sources close to the situation have given the Rangers a 50/50 shot of completing the trade.  If a trade isn't pulled off, Beltre's market would be reduced to the front running Angels and possibly the A's and Rockies. 

* For those whom are unfamiliar with the term "10/5 player," allow me to explain.  If a player accumulates ten years of MLB service time AND five years of service time with their current team, said player reserves the right to reject any trade in which they're involved. 

One last note.  If the Rangers were to pull off signing Beltre, it would be a huge body blow to the Angels.  The Angels came into the offseason with money to burn.  If they were to come up short on Crawford, Lee, and Beltre, Tony Reaggins (Angels GM) days in Anaheim could be numbered.

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