Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Link-o-Rama

Today's links are brought to you by writers block.  Since I can't think of anything good to write about today, I figured I would share a few of the great articles I stumbled across over the last week.
  • If there's one must read link this week, it's Rich Lederer's take on Jon Heyman's Hall of Fame article.  To say he owns Heyman, would be an understatement.  For those who aren't familiar with Lederer, he the man leading the internet campaign to elect Bert Blyleven into the Hall of Fame.  He's been so influential that Blyleven has said he'll personally thank Lederer in his induction speech.  
  • Where do Johnny Mize and Jeff Bagwell rate all time amongst the best first basemen in history?  Rob Neyer gives his interesting, and always thoughtful, perspective on the subject.   
  • Joe Posnanski's latest article on the Zach Greinke trades puts everything I wrote on the subject to shame.  That's ok.  I expected that.  He is the best living baseball writer, after all.
  • What happens when Fangraphs and NBC Hardball Talk's Craig Calcaterra combine forces?  Read and find out!
  • You know all of those multi-year deals we keep seeing relievers sign?  Dave Cameron says it's a bad idea, and he has the data to back it up.
  • The blogger formerly known as Shysterball has a very interesting take on what might happen if an athlete came out of the closet. 
  • Earlier this week, I mentioned (in passing) that Ricky Nolasco's elevated HR/FB rate has adversely affected his ERA, and therefore, perceived value.  Vince Caramela of the Hardball Times takes a much deeper look.  Caution, this one is for serious baseball geeks only.
  • Charles Schultz's Peanuts and baseball go hand-in-hand.  So does Peanuts and Christmas.  Only Lar Granillo at Wezen-Ball can manage to bring all three together.   
That's all she wrote for now.  I'm going to take a short sabbatical for the next day or so.  It is Christmas after all.  If anything major happens, I put up something.  Otherwise, I'll be back on the 26th.  Have a great holiday everyone!  Be safe, and I'll see you again on Sunday!

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