Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Latest on Lee

UPDATE (12/11/2010 at 2:45 pm):  Jon Heyman reports that the Rangers have added a seventh year option to the menu of offers they've provided to the Cliff Lee.  I think Lee and Bruanecker should hold off a little longer.  I have this feeling Nationals GM Mike Rizzo is lurking with an 8 year $200M contract in tow.

Ok, not really.  But one can dream...

Original Post (12/11/2010 at 10:00 am):  Douchebagger-in-Chief, Jon Heyman, reports that the Yankees have guaranteed $1M per season more than the Rangers.  While I'm not sure the additional $1M per season in salary is enough to pry him away from the Rangers, the guaranteed seventh year probably will.  It just makes too much sense for Lee to sign with the Yankees.  They're offering the most money, guaranteeing the longest contract, and providing him with the best chance of winning a (or multiple) championships.

Look out Yankee fans.  You're worst nightmare has been realized.  Hank Steinbrenner is back in the news, and he's been given the opportunity to speak to the media.  Yikes!  Here's what he said about Cliff Lee:
For somebody of that stature, it would certainly behoove him to be a Yankee, which would probably be for the rest of his career,” Steinbrenner, the Yankees’ co-chairman, said during a telephone interview Friday with The Associated Press. “I think that would be a great move for him but, of course I’m prejudiced.”
Someone needs to put a muzzle on him.  Seriously.  He's like Chris Farley from Black Sheep.  Just when they have Cliff Lee within their grasp, he does something to put it in jeopardy. 

The article I linked to is from the Yankee blog titled, It's About the Money.  If you haven't checked out their blog, I strongly recommend it.  Jason Rosenberg and the rest of the guys at IIATMS have put together a very well written, rational site.  Everyone, including Red Sox fans, should check it out.  

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