Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Mexicutioner Goes Rogue

Well, this is sure to rev up the rumor mill.   Note:  The report originally came from the Mexican paper Vanguard.
"I didn't put it there, my agent did, as a strategy," Soria said. "But if the Royals decide to trade me to New York I would gladly go to play with the Yankees or any other team... I repeat, I would not block a trade to the Yankees. I like to play baseball and I would play with any team."
Based on the way Soria worded his statement, it sounds like his six team no trade clause is virtually meaningless.  The Yankees are reported to be on that list along with the Red Sox, Tigers, Phillies, Cubs, and Cardinals. 

According to Jack Curry of YES, the Royals explicitly told teams they weren't interested in trading the hard throwing closer.  Many articles you'll read on this subject are likely discuss how Soria's decision to go rogue about his no trade clause speaks volumes about his desire (or lack thereof) to remain in Kansas City.  While this very well may be true, I'd like to offer an alternative hypothesis.  If the Royals were to trade Soria mid-season to a team on his no trade list, Soria's agent could then use his no trade clause to force the acquiring team to decline all three of his option years.  Why would he want to do that?   Well, by declining all three options season, Soria would become eligible for free agency after the 2011 season.  With the way money has been thrown around this offseason, it's pretty obvious why Soria would be interested in forgoing the security of near guaranteed money for a larger pay day.  Soria, knowing the Royals weren't interested in trading him, had to no choice but to force their hand in the matter.  By going rogue, he increased the likelihood of not only escaping the Royals, but also becoming a free agent after the season.  If this actually is the case, it looks like a pretty smart move by Soria and his agent.

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