Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Justin Upton off the Market

According to ESPN's Jayson Stark, the Diamondbacks have taken Justin Upton off of the market.
"Trade talks involving the Diamondbacks' 23-year-old right fielder have "just about died," a source familiar with the discussions told ESPN.com. While Arizona will still listen, the source said, the club is no longer motivated to trade him because it has begun filling some of the holes it would have plugged by dealing Upton."
While it was a smart move for Towers to see what he could get for Upton, it's even smarter that he's pulled him off of the market.  It's highly unlikely they would've received an offer that would justified moving him. 
At 23 years of age, Upton is locked up through 2015, and has been said to have Ken Griffey Jr. potential.  We don't know if he'll ever reach the heights so many have predicted for him, but would you want to be known as the man who traded away the next Griffey at 23?  I wouldn't.   

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