Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dodgers Eyeing Gwynn for Center Field

Continuing in the same vein as the Scott Boras article I just wrote...

Don Mattingly reiterated yesterday that the Dodgers are not interested in bringing back former left fielder Manny Ramirez, while Ned Colletti ruled out the possibility of bringing Johnny Damon into the fold to fill their gaping hole in left field.  Luckily, the Dodger front office is not without a plan.
"As he prepared to leave baseball’s quarterly owners’ meetings, [Ned] Colletti said Gwynn’s speed and defensive ability were strong enough that if he can return to form offensively — he hit just .204 for the San Diego Padres last year — he could wind up as the regular center fielder, with Matt Kemp moving to right and Andre Ethier to left."
That's a pretty big "if" don't you think?  Gwynn, 28, was brutal at the plate last season for the Padres putting up a putrid .276 wOBA in 339 plate appearances.  While part of his hitting woes could probably be blamed on the hostile hitting environment also known as Petco Park, he doesn't project hit much better in the pitcher friendly environment of Dodger Stadium.  Still, Gwynn is not without his perks.  Gwynn is an excellent defensive center fielder, has above average plate discipline, and runs the bases well.  If the Dodgers were to limit him to around 300 plate appearances against only RHP, he should be able to provide at least 2.0 wins above the replacement level.

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