Monday, January 17, 2011

Jones, Yankees Close to a Deal

According to Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports, the Yankees and Andrew Jones are "nearing a one year deal" with the Yankees.  Currently, there's no word on how much Jones would make under the potential new deal. 

As I mentioned yesterday, Jones would be a pretty solid fit for the Yankees.  First of all, the Yankees are very lefty-heavy in terms of their current stable of outfielders.  Jones, as a right-hander, would provide a solid alternative off of the bench that can play either of the corner outfield positions at a league average level.  Secondly, Jones would be a solid option to serve as the right-handed platoon partner to Jorge Posada at DH.  Last season, Jones hit lefties to the tune of .256/.373/.558.  If the Yankees decide to pull the trigger on the deal (no guarantee at this point), Jones should be able to accumulate between 250-350 plate appearances in playing time. 

Last season for the White Sox, Jones produced a .364 wOBA with 19 home runs, and 1.8 wins above the replacement level. 

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