Sunday, January 9, 2011

So...Now the Yankees are Interested in Soriano?

This is odd.  Didn't Brian Cashman publicly announce that he's unwilling to give up his first round draft pick to sign Rafael Soriano?  I'm pretty sure he did.  Oh, yes, here it is.
"I will not lose our number one draft pick," the Yankees' general manager told the Journal News of Westchester. "I would have for Cliff Lee. I won't lose our number one draft pick for anyone else."
If the above quote is true, then why is Jon Heyman reporting that the Yankees are "still in" on Soriano?  Let's take a look at the facts.  No teams are willing to meet his 3 year $30M asking price.  The White Sox bullpen is set.  The Yankees are unwilling to give $10M per season to an eighth inning guy.  The Angels have plenty of money to spend after being spurned by Lee, Crawford, Werth, and Beltre, but they've proven to be completely incapable of participating in collaborative negotiating tactics.  What's a Boras client to do?  Scott Boras, the darkest of dark lords, calls on his chief minion, Jon Heyman, to tweet a false report of the Yankees interest on Twitter, of course!   Why does Boras ask Heyman to do this?  It's all about creating interest, and driving up the price.  This tactic might just work if anyone but Heyman was reporting it.  Instead, it's like the little boy who cried "mystery team."  No one reads his reports regarding Boras clients without a healthy dose of skepticism.

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  1. From now on Scott Boras should now be known as Darth Boras.