Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lenny Being Lenny

UPDATE (1/18/2011 at 8:47 p.m.):  For those of you who read Craig Calcaterra regularly, you know that Monica Foster, the escort in question, has been in contact with him--even posting comments on the Dykstra articles.  (Yes, he's actually confirmed it's her).  Today, she had some very nice things to say regarding Craig and the folks at Hardball Talk.
"Thanks Craig Calcaterra and MSNBC Hardball (Talk) for having a common sense view on this spectacle I wound up in. The only person lying in this situation is Dykstra. He needs to come clean about not being able to or wanting to pay his debts to not only to myself but quite a few others. He didn’t expect me to speak up about what happened so now he’s embarrassed and is attempting to cover his tracks. A detective with the LAPD along with my bank (I was sent official bank copies of the check and I have a bank letter) can vouch for the validity of the check being from him. There’s no way I could have or would have “forged” a check from him and I was not out to “set him up” being that HE contacted ME to spend time with him that morning. I didn’t even know who he was being that he initially gave me a false name. The good thing that’s come of this situation is that I’ve realized that I need to take a better path in life and I’m making efforts to do so. As for Dykstra, I doubt he even knows what telling the truth is anymore. It’s pathetic."
Now that's a classy way to handle the situation.  You see that Lenny?  You've been upstaged by an escort/porn star.

Seriously though, I've read some of Monica Foster's comments on Hardball Talk, and she seems like a very intelligent, thoughtful person.  Hopefully, this all works out well for her in the end.  No one deserves the kind of treatment she's received from Dykstra.

Original Post (1/18/2011 at 3:52 p.m.):  Lenny Dykstra is a pretty solid guy.  No, really.  I’m serious.  I know what you’re going to say:  “But Chip, he’s been investigated for tax evasion, declared bankruptcy, and paid a porn star/escort for sex with a check that bounced!”  While that’s all true, he is not without his charms.  For instance, did you know that Dykstra has an unparalleled mastery of the English language?

"F**k that wh**e!...It was a setup, the whole thing was a setup…She forged a check from a bank account that has been closed for years…This is some f**king black wh**e trying to make money off of me…Do you think I stop for one second to even think about it? I don't know her, are you kidding me?"  

Do you see what I’m saying?  Such class!  Such elegance!  Such respectability!  He truly is a role model for all children. 

Ok, back to being serious for a moment.  First of all, why would you pay for an escort with a check?  Who does he think he is:  Jerry Springer?  Prostitution is illegal, and paying for sex with a check leaves a paper trail.  As an athlete who had ample opportunity to pay for sex, you'd think he'd be smart and experienced enough to pay cash.  This was a rookie mistake by a professional.  Simply unacceptable.

Secondly, why does he think it’s acceptable to try and discredit his accuser by publicly calling her racist and misogynistic names?  On Martin Luther King Day, no less!  It would be one thing if he produced a single piece of credible evidence on his own behalf, but he hasn’t.  If I was his lawyer, I’d instruct him to either keep his mouth shut, or find a new lawyer.  It’s that simple.  Dykstra isn’t doing himself any good by creating an ugly public relations nightmare.  He has enough problems as it is.  He didn’t need to add the racist and sexist labels to the list.

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