Thursday, January 27, 2011

ESPN's Keith Law Releases His Top 100 Prospect List

Yesterday, Keith Law released his organizational rankings.  Today, he released his annual top 100 prospect list and his top ten in each organization list.  (Sorry, ESPN Insider only.) 

Not surprisingly, Law list starts with Angels OF super-prospect Mike Trout at the number one spot.  Trout appears to be the consensus number one prospect, and for good reason.  Here is Law's analysis on the 20 year old outfielder:
"Trout's performance reflects his outstanding tools. He's an 80 runner, not just fast underway but explosively quick out of the box. That speed, combined with good instincts, gives him good range in centerfield. At the plate, he's an intelligent, disciplined hitter, with very good hand-eye coordination and a direct path to the ball. He has good leverage in his swing with a well-timed weight transfer to his front foot, and strong follow-through, so he should hit for above-average power as well as high batting averages. And Trout consistently gets the highest marks from the Angels for makeup, work ethic, and ability to take instruction."
Needless to say, Law thinks that Trout is going to be a superstar player.  After Trout, Bryce Harper (Nationals), Dominic Brown (Phillies), Jesus Montero (Yankees), Eric Hosmer (Royals), Julio Teheran (Braves), Dustin Ackley (Mariners), Wil Myers (Royals), Shelby Miller (Cardinals), and Aaron Hicks (Twins).  Strangely missing from the list was Rays pitching prospect Jeremy Hellickson who placed second on's list yesterday.  Hellickson places at number 14 on Law's list.  Other notables include, Zach Britton (Orioles) at 11, Kyle Drabek (Blue Jays) at 13, Aroldis Chapman (Reds) at 15, Casey Kelly (Padres) at 19, Desmond Jennings (Rays) at 20, and Mike Moustakis (Royals) at 23.

Organizationally, the Rays have the most prospects in Law's top 100 with eight.  The Blue Jays and Royals aren't far behind with seven and six, respectively.  Every team except the Brewers had at least one prospect on the list.  The Cubs and White Sox had the unfortunate distinction of only having one prospect on the list. 


  1. Intangible "like" factor for Trout: if I recall correctly, he was the only player in his draft class to accept MLB's invitation to attend the draft in person.

  2. @Pags - Just googled it. You are correct. I knew I'd seen pictures of him when trying to find a good one for the post, but didn't know that. Good catch. I learned something new today.