Friday, December 3, 2010

Cliff Lee Front Gets Warmer

The Wall Street Journal reports (via the Associated Press), that Rangers President Nolan Ryan and General Manager Jon Daniels have made a second cameo at Cliff Lee’s home in Arkansas.  While the Rangers have refused to confirm whether they’ve made Lee an official offer, several reports indicate they’re prepared to offer him a five year deal. 

Let’s be honest.  This is the Rangers second trip to visit with Lee.  They’re not going out there to play Wii Sports and eat chocolate chip cookies.  They’re going with a business purpose.  There are reports the Yankees have already made an official offer.  (This is the 5 year $115-120M deal I mentioned the other day.)  If the Rangers are serious about retaining Lee, they better have gone out to Arkansas armed with a contract offer.  If not, then perhaps the Rangers aren’t as smart as I originally thought. 

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