Friday, February 11, 2011

The Saga Continues...

The Michael Young trade market is alive with rumors.  The trade discussions with the Rockies seem to be locked in neutral.  Then, the Phillies threw their hat in the ring because God forbid Ruben Amaro doesn't at least attempt to trade for an overrated and overpaid player.  Semi-surprisingly, those talks went nowhere.  The Angels, who previously expressed interest, officially pulled out of the running when GM Tony Reaggins ruled out such a move during an interview with the Los Angeles Times on Thursday. 

Now, Ken Rosenthal reports that multiple sources have informed him the Rangers are in serious trade talks with the Dodgers.  A deal does not appear to be imminent.  One source was pretty negative about the prospects of a deal getting done because of Young's contract situation.  In order to make a deal work, the Dodgers reportedly want the Rangers to absorb as much as 75% (or $36M) of the remaining $48M on Young's contract.  Absorbing that much money would be an incredibly difficult pill for the Rangers to swallow, and one that would hamper their ability to improve the roster going forward.  Rangers GM Jon Daniels is a pretty smart guy, so he's probably already figured out that there are potentially better trade options available down the road provided he remains patient.  It's not worthwhile for the Rangers to move him just for the sake of getting him off of the roster.  

Unfortunately for the Rangers, that means it's unlikely they'll move him before Spring Training starts in a few days.  It's not an ideal situation, but one in which they'll have to live.  Hopefully, Young exhibits the kind of respect he claims to have for Rangers president Nolan Ryan and manager Ron Washington, and shows up at camp with the intent of not drawing attention to himself.  Young exhibiting the leadership qualities he supposedly possesses would go along way towards starting the healing process.

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