Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vlad Guerrero and the Mystery Team Machine

As Buster Olney reports today, the Vlad Guerrero talks are about to heat up.
"The Vladimir Guerrero talks will gather some momentum in the next 48 hours, one way or another. The Orioles have an offer on the table; last week, Guerrero's side informed them that they had an offer worth $8 million in play. It's not clear which team would have made the $8 million offer."
Really?  Guerrero's still totting around that story?  This is the second mentioning of Vlad's "mystery team" in a week.  The first time it was mentioned was on 1/28 also by Buster Olney.

I think the thing that amazes me about this whole situation is that Vlad supposedly received this amazing one year $8M offer (which coincidentally just happens to be the exact offer he's been seeking), and yet he hasn't jumped at it.  Doesn't this seem really strange?  It does to me.  I can see him shopping it around for a day or two, but an entire week?  Isn't he afraid this mystery team might get sick of waiting for him to sign, and pull their offer?  It's not like there are multiple teams beating down his door at this point.  We're talking about the Orioles, and that's about it.  Based on their thirteen year record of futility, it's not like he's hoping to sign with the Orioles because he wants to sign with a contending club. 

So what's he waiting for?  Well, honestly, the mystery team sounds pretty fake--not just a little fake, but really fake.  If I were the Orioles, I'd call his bluff.  I'd keep shooting him low ball offers, and with each offer, I'd reduce it slightly.  Eventually, he'll have to make a decision:  sit out the season or swallow his pride and accept the offer.  Chances are, he'll come crawling back and accept the low ball offer.  When he does, the Orioles will have a solid hitter for bargain basement price.

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