Monday, February 21, 2011

Stay Away from Bleacher Report

This link was floating around Twitter this morning.  Not that you really needed any reason not to read the Bleacher report, here are some excerpts from something they wrote not that long ago about Carl Crawford.
"This guy too has wheels, wheels, wheels. He makes swiping bases and fielding look so easy.
Crawford has so far been a successful baseball player and continues to get better, and has gone form being on one of the worst teams in baseball years ago, to one of the better teams.
He is the face of the Rays franchise. Too bad his Rays are in the AL East."
My mom took me to the store.  It was good.  We bought clothes.  Then, mom took me to Friendly's.  The french fries tasted great.   Seriously, that's the quality of their writing.  Here's some more.
"Again, Crawford should be a leadoff hitter. He has all of the right tools to be one of the best leadoff hitters in the game.  He can hit, has some pop, steals bases, great fielder, blazing speed and range, and gets on base.  Crawford can really hit anywhere in a lineup and will always be productive, and has now become one of the best No. 2 hitters in baseball, but he could be one of the best leadoff hitters in the game.  He is so fast, and has the potential to be one of the fastest base stealers and players in baseball history, and also has some pretty good pop. He is only 28 years old also, and continues to get better."
I can't make this up.  This was either written by a five year old boy, or a teenage valley girl.  To make matters worse, this was in one of those asinine slides shows.  I hates me some slide shows.  Seriously folks, avoid Bleacher Report like the plague.  There are much better places to get your daily sports news. 

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