Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update on the Alfredo Simon Situation

So what happens if Alfredo Simon doesn't report to Spring Training by the mandatory February 26th date?  Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun has the details.
"But with news today that his attempt to get bail was rejected by a Dominican judge, it has become an almost certainty that Simon won’t be in Sarasota on Feb. 14, when pitchers and catchers are supposed to report.  That is a voluntary date, however. The mandatory date for all players to report to spring training is Feb. 26.  Although the Orioles aren’t publicly commenting, one can make the jump that they will keep Simon on their 40-man roster until then. Once he doesn’t report by the mandatory date, they can move him to the sport’s restricted list, which is for players unable to perform baseball duties for reasons other than injury."
I'm not surprised that Simon's request for bail was rejected.  Based on the information I've seen coming out of the Dominican Republic, his case looks less than promising.  While Simon has only been charged with manslaughter, he's also been accused (but not charged with) of bribery and evidence tampering.  At this point, it's neither clear if these allegations are true, nor certain as to how they'll play out in court.  Still, the fact these allegations exist can't help his case.

Unless there's some shocking new development, I think it's a safe bet that Simon will miss the entire 2011 season.

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