Monday, February 7, 2011

Vlad Deal Includes $3M in Deferred Money

Well, this makes it all better...
If he passes his #Orioles' physical and deal becomes official, Guerrero will make $5 million in 2011 with $3 million being deferred.
That tweet was from Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun.  

Yeah, so the $3M deferred makes this deal marginally more palatable, but not really.  They're still paying him $5M this year when they could've easily paid him the $2M salary Manny Ramirez is getting from the Rays.  Plus, they're paying him $3M next season when he probably isn't going to be on the team anymore.  It just doesn't make any sense.  Peter Angelos, Andy McPhail, and the rest of the Orioles executive staff still have to look in the mirror everyday, and realize they outbid themselves for an aging DH that's past his prime.  They got straight up "Borased" by someone much less talented that Scott Boras.

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