Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boras Pulls Heyman's Strings...Again!

In response to Ruben Amaro's comment regarding the Phillies interest in Jayson Werth, John Heyman reported via Twitter that the Phillies are making a "big push" to sign him.  Anyone who follows baseball knows that Heyman is Scott Boras's personal hand puppet.  (Enjoy the visual everyone.)  It's getting increasingly difficult figuring out where Heyman's head begins and Boras's ass ends.  This seems like nothing more than an effort to keep as many high payroll teams in the hunt for Werth's services in an effort to drive up the price.  It's a smart move by Boras, but I'm not sure what it says about Heyman.  On one hand, it's possible he's unaware of what Boras is doing.  If so, then Heyman is a fool.  On the other hand, Heyman knows what Boras is doing, and is willing to help him out because he wants the scoop.  If so, then Heyman is being a tad unethical.

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