Monday, November 29, 2010

Jeter Gets Served!

The Yankees seem to be getting a little feisty lately.  Earlier today, Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York reported that the Yankees (or should I say a source inside the organization) think their Captain shortstop needs to “drink the reality potion” before stepping back up to the negotiating table.  Oh, and just when you thought the talks weren’t completely dysfunctional, there’s news that the two sides haven’t so much as texted each other since before Thanksgiving.  Simply delicious! 

This isn’t going to be resolved for another couple of months, so prepare to get daily updates on the ongoing saga.  The whole situation is very un-Yankee like.  The Yankee’s image of class and sophistication has been temporarily replaced by the image of the Maury Povich show on “paternity test day”.  Everyone’s scratching, clawing, and yelling, while the studio audience is cheering for more.  It’s trashy and horrifying, yet I can’t look away. 

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