Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today's Special 2: Electric Bugaloo

Here are the links for the week of November 7th.  Lots of great stuff in here.  I suggest you check them out.
  • Joe Posnanski takes a look at the ten World Series champions since 1946.  Oh, and while you're there, check out his take on the world's worst invention.
  • Rob Neyer takes a look at the Giants, and asks an interesting question:  Are the Giants really all that different than the Moneyball A's?
  • Fangraphs Matt Klaussen does a great article on 2010's most deluded person in the world.  Oddly enough, Glenn Beck wasn't on the list...
  • Another Fangraphs article.  This one by Dave Cameron.  He examines why the Red Sox and Rangers made very different decisions regarding their very similar DHs.
  • NBC Hardball Talk's Craig Calcaterra is one of the snarkiest baseball writers in the business.  In this article, he takes a look at baseball's desire to cut down on so-called "mystery teams."  Read for the perspective.  Stay for the Jon Heyman crack at the end.
  • Another Moneyball article?  If you must know, I'm obsessed.  This time, Hardball Times compares the A's of the early aughts to the Rays of the last couple of years. 
  • Get your geek on with Dave Allen's analysis of Tim Lincecum's "new" slider.  If you haven't been introduced to pitch f/x, check this one out.
  • Not sick of me talking about Derek Jeter's upcoming contract yet?  Jason at ITAMS gives his take of the situation. 
  • Fire Brand's Mike Silver has a controversial opinion.  Zach Greinke is not a true ace.  After reading his article, I'm not quite a convert, but I'm definitely skeptical.
  • Sorry Cubs fans.

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