Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great Moments in Saracasm

Well, the stat geeks are certainly partying it up Big Willie Style in the wake of King Felix's Cy Young Award victory.  Tom Tango, one of the most well respected baseball analysts in the sabermetric community, had this to say:
BBWAA has graduated from Sabre High!  Congratulations guys, it was a one hundred year journey, but you made it, and have now accepted everything we’ve learned through 1985.  It was a tough journey especially at the end, when you took your first baby steps, voting for Greinke and Lincecum.  And you passed with flying colors with Felix.  Pitcher wins have been officially repudiated.  Email me for your diploma."
If you sensed a tiny bit of sarcasm there, you're absolutely right.  Tango has been around for a long time fighting the good fight, so he deserves an opportunity to have a little fun with the dinosaurs of sports journalism.  (Murray Chass, I'm talking to you.) 

Tom Tango, for those who don't know, co-wrote the influential The Book:  Playing the Percentages in Baseball with Andrew Dolphin and Michael Lichtman.  He's also credited for created FIP and xFIP, which you'll commonly see me use on this site. 

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