Friday, January 7, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman, We are Not Alone...

I just wanted to give a special thanks to Craig Calcaterra.  For those of you who are unaware (which I assume is a very small number of you since we've had 6000 viewings in the last 12 hours; our previous high was a modest 83), Craig featured one of our articles (Josh's Top Ten Worst Rotations in Baseball) on Hardball Talk this morning.  This, of course, is very exciting (and a little scary) for us because this is our first exposure to the such a large  audience.  The feedback in the comments section was mixed, and that's ok.  People were understandably disappointed with the Twins placement as the ninth worst rotation in baseball.*  It comes with the territory.  You can't please everyone, and there will always be differences of opinion. 

* I sympathize with that disappointment.  As The Common Man pointed out, the Astros or Cubs probably would've been a much better choice than the TwinsPersonally, I really like the Twins rotation, as I have a thing for pitchers with great K/BB rates.   Josh has the right to his opinion, and I support that.  Other than the Twins inclusion, I agree with the rest of his list.  Still, I plan on writing an article in the next few days that aims to disprove his view of the Twins rotation.

If you're reading this blog for the first time, thank you for checking us out.  We hope you'll come back again, even if it's only occasionally.  Feel free to check out our other articles on the blog.  We welcome all comments whether they're positive or negative.  I enjoy being challenged from time to time, and I know Josh and Corrye share that sentiment.  If you choose not to come back, that's cool too.  We appreciate you stopping by.  

Again, thanks again Craig for taking the time to answer my emails, and check out my blog.  It means a lot.

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