Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I've seen some terrible Hall of Fame ballots in my day, but this one...wow...I'm at a loss for words.  ESPN news editor Barry Stanton, who clearly doesn't follow baseball, somehow managed to get a vote.  Instead of voting for obvious Hall of Famers like Blyleven, Alomar, and Bagwell, he decided to make a mockery of the Hall of Fame process.  Well, either that, or the Hall of Fame ballot was presented in a vintage Florida style 2000 Presidential election butterfly ballot.  Was he channeling his inner 80 year old Dade County resident by voting for B.J Surhoff instead of Roberto Alomar?   That's really the only acceptable excuse as far as I'm concerned.   

Without further adieu, here's his Hall of Fame ballot:

Edgar Martinez (the only acceptable candidate on his ballot)
Jack Morris
Don Mattingly
Tino Martinez
B.J. Surhoff

You may now point, laugh, and mock.  Special thanks to Jason of IIATMS for putting together the grid of ESPN's Hall of Fame votes.

Hardball Talk's Craig Calcaterra asked the question, "Who is Barry Stanton?"  Check out the link to see what he dug up.  After reading his article, there are two words that come to mind, "plagiarizer" and "homer".

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